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The Planning Process

Creating your dream trip, no matter how large or small, is my goal. Making this happen takes more than knowing the ins and outs of locations, hotels, and airlines. It is about getting to know you (and your traveling companions). For this reason, we've developed a six step process from sharing ideas to reviews.

Step 1: Discover

This first step is one of the most important. My goal is to understand you, not just as a traveler. I want to learn about what you enjoy, what excites you, past trips you've enjoyed, and your travel style and interests. The more I discover about you, the better I can tailor your travel dreams to you.

Step 2: Design

Next, I start creating your itinerary, connecting what I've learned about you to my travel experience and expertise. I research, access my travel resources and leverage my network of global destination partners to customize and tailor the ideal itinerary for you.

Step 3: Review

Then we meet to review the itinerary option(s). We discuss the itineraries and can modify, if necessary, to ensure  you are 100% happy.

Step 4: Book

I will secure and confirm all your travel plans and experiences. Once reserved, I will advise on deposits due, deadlines, cancellation policies, and provide final documentation. I will continue to stay in touch to help you prepare for your trip and answer any questions that you may have.

Step 5: Experience

Now it's time to experience and enjoy your trip! I am available to ensure all goes smoothly while you travel.

Step 6: Review

Post trip, I will follow up with you to hear all about what you loved on your trip and get your feedback on the destination, experiences, and properties. Then we can start dreaming up your next adventure! 

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