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Anthony Bourdain

Everyone Loves A Road Trip!

Okay, maybe not everyone. It may take a certain type of person, the right travel companion, or the right playlist to travel across this great country of ours. Or at least the state, I'm looking at you, South Dakota. 

But seriously, have you ever wanted to take an awesome road trip and visit some of the hidden gems our country has to offer? Have you visited the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI? Or the Museum of the Weird in Austin, TX? It's okay, you can look at them, I'll wait.

Whether you'd like to sleep in your car at a campground (safety first, please do not sleep at a rest stop!) or would rather stay in a motel/hotel in a city you visit along the route I am here for you. Want to check out the zany attractions like the largest ball of yarn? I can help you! Want to visit great local restaurants, breweries, or craft cocktail bars? I can help with that too! (I discovered my LOVE for dark beers while in Red Lodge, MT while on a road trip. Thank you, Red Lodge Ales!)


I took a zoo-themed road trip with my husband for our honeymoon and it was amazing! Eleven cities in as many days was crazy (and so much fun) but I would definitely do it again. Some people love to lay by a pool or on the beach, and that's cool - I can definitely help you create that dream trip - but there are others that would rather go on a trip where they explore the open road and the unique attractions, restaurants, and people along the way.

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