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You may be thinking, “I have the internet. Why would I want to hire a travel planner?” and I get that. But, did you know that over the last decade, the role and value of travel planners have evolved tremendously? There has been a massive resurgence in demand for professional experts who can cut through the daunting web searches and design truly unique experiences. Today’s traveler, you, not only wants adventure and the usual comforts but you also want to experience the world outside of the internet (or physical) guidebook. You want an experience nobody else has had. And the photos to prove it. 

My job is to make it happen for you. Not only make it happen but bring it to you in a way that is more efficient and enjoyable, by lending my expertise and connections, saving you a lot of headaches. Sometimes while providing access to places and extra benefits you may not be able to book on your own.

When working with me, you will experience:

Personalized planning:

I can validate your own research and offer insightful recommendations to tailor each trip to your preferences, interests, and budget. I get to know you and anticipate your needs and wishes down to the smallest detail. Sometimes even presenting activities you didn’t know about.


Planning and booking your own trip can take days or weeks. Like many people you probably don’t have the luxury to add planning an adventure to your already full plate. I can help you cut through the noise and identify areas of interest quickly, so you can conserve your most precious resource: time.

Global expertise and connections:

Not only do I have personal knowledge of destinations across the US and around the world, but I also have relationships and access to global partners. Being able to tap into my agency's network of colleagues, who have the first-hand experience in destinations and properties worldwide, is a major resource when creating your experiences. 


As a travel advisor, I often have access to better pricing than you can find online. I can often secure special perks like complimentary room upgrades, daily breakfast, spa credits, and other benefits you can’t get on your own.


Peace of mind:

In working with me, you know you have constant support, before, during, and after your trip. This means you can relax and just have fun! With last-minute changes or emergencies, having someone who knows your trip can mean the difference in placing one call or losing multiple days dealing with a challenging situation.

What are you waiting for? Let's plan your next adventure!
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